Osaka - February 28-29, Japan


In the validation activities of DustBot project, a demo in Osaka was carried out in collaboration with ATR of Kyoto. The demo consisted in the integration at Osaka Universal City Walk (a commercial center) of one DustCart robot in the multi-robot NRS system developed by ATR.

The demo aimed at using DustCart to carry a baggage given by a human user. This was aimed at testing how services given by different types of robots are sensed by human users. The NRS system is composed by a localization system and different humanoid robots (Robovie). The localization system is composed by laser scanners positioned at fixed locations in the environment that trilaterate persons and robots tracking in this way their position and their heading. DustCart was integrated with NRS system; in particular, it received the position coming from NRS localization system to improve its position estimate using its navigation/obstacle avoidance system to reach the position given by Robovie.

Different demos were carried in which Robovie robot explained a human user the services the system could give, and then DustCart was "called" and it transported a baggage of the user to a final destination.

DustCart & Robovie Demonstration Video - High resolution (35MB)

DustCart & Robovie Demonstration Video - Low resolution (9MB)

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