DustBot Pictures



DustCart demonstration in Livorno (Italy) on December 16, 2009
DustCart demonstration in Bilbao (Spain) on September 16, 2009
DustCart demonstration in Incheon (Korea) on October 19-25, 2009
Forth official demonstration in Örebro (Sweden) on July 25, 2009
Third official demonstration in Massa (Italy) on June 26, 2009
Second official demonstration in Peccioli (Italy) on May 23, 2009
First official demonstration in Pontedera (Italy) on May 9, 2009
Pictures taken by Massimo Brega during the photo session for the Italian magazine "Focus"
Demonstration of DustCart functionalities during a demo held in Osaka - Japan (February 2009)
Pictures taken during the DustBot project review, held in Pontedera (Italy) on January 8, 2009
Dusbot General Assembly Meeting (October 6-7, 2008)

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