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Role of the End Users Club
A End Users Club will be set up with the intention of keeping the DustBot RTD activity in touch with the reality of the present and future needs of the different actors of the urban management community: Decision Makers, Regulation Organisms, Researchers, Service Providers, General Public, Industries, etc. The communication will work in both ways. On one hand, the Users Group will be the target of the exploitation and part of the dissemination of DustBot activities, for better explaining the potentialities of Robotics and ICT technologies. On the other hand, the Users Group members will collaborate with the DustBot Consortium in the definition of the specifications and visions of present and future needs, as well as they will provide the field cases where the validation activities will finally take place. In particular, an Italian private utility for waste management, ASMIU S.p.A., Sponsoring Partner of DustBot and member of the Users Club, will collaborate with the Consortium in defining the specifications of the DustBot platform starting from the very beginning of the project. Moreover, ASMIU S.p.A. will allocate to the Consortium a pedestrian area located in Massa (a city of Tuscany, Italy) aimed to validate all the performances of the integrated platform and to test the acceptability by and interaction with different users (such as citizens, operators, technicians, etc.). In addition, collaboration have been already established with Municipalities of Pontedera and Peccioli (in Italy), of Bilbao (Spain), and Örebro (Sweden).
In this way, the research done will keep being application oriented, the obtained results will have a real and definite impact, and even new applications of those results could be explored. The End Users Group will grow during the project by incorporating new interested Organisations and Associations, industries and SMEs.

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